Webquest – Light

In science this term we are learning about light and shadows.

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This week in Nabby3 we have 4 writers of the week!

Belle met all her targets when we did work on characters linked to the Stone Mouse book by Jenny Nimmo.

Ellie, Emma and Owen were writers of the week in our Stone Mouse ‘description’ lesson. They all wrote wonderful poems!

Belle’s writing!

Ellie’s poem!

Emma’s poem!

Owen’s poem!

Do you do art often?
How deep is your swimming pool?
Have you got any school pets?
Do you have your own 10 rules of how to be a good friend like we do?
What kind of activities do you do in your school?
How many teachers are there in your school?
Do you have an ICT suite?
Do you go on class trips?
Do you have class rewards? – We have Friday Fun Time!
Do you use ds’s in your lessons?
Who are the tallest and shortest people in your school?
What is the age-limit of your school?
How big is your school?
Do you have school dinners? If so, what is there to eat?
How long is your swimming pool?
How many boys and girls are there in your class?
Do you have after school sports clubs like we do?
How cold is it in NZ right now?
Why do you have head boys and head girls?
What does SLIDE mean?
What does a Dynamo leader do?
Have you learned about Gods and Romans?
Do you use a Wii in your classroom like we do?!
Is your swimming pool heated?
Do you do multiskills?
Do you speak the Maori language? Is it hard to learn?
Have you got a diving board in your pool?
Have you been learning about WW2?
Who is the oldest in your class?

If I were a volcano I’d shoot up high to light the evening sky!
I’d explode like a firework and send a cloud of ash to stop the planes fly!
I would flow down the mountainside 100 miles per hour like a car that’s on fire!
I would flow as smooth as a road that is quite controlled!
I make the ground shiver and shake, I hurl rocks and I watch as they fly around!

Yesterday we created volcano pictures! We first of all studied some photos of the Icelandic volcano before sketching them in our art books. Our tools were thick and thin paintbrushes, toothbrushes, bits of sponge (soft and scrapey sides) and our fingers!

After that we used:

  • sand mixed with brown paint to give our volcanoes texture
  • glue mixed with orange/red paint to give our lava a shine and texture
  • blue, yellow or white paint for streaks of lightening
  • some of us also blended colours to create shades to represent the ash clouds

When they had dried, we used chalk and charcoal to create the ash clouds and we really enjoyed using our fingers to get great ‘smudged’ effects!

We hope you enjoy looking at our work!

Click here to see our work!

Volcano PAL!

This week in class we’ve been learning about the errupting volcano in Iceland. We’ve had a great discussion about all the problems it has caused, especially in relation to money. We also used it to help us to remember our science learning from last term about rocks and soils.

For your PAL, I’d like you to write a short description of a volcano. You can choose to do it as either a paragraph or as a poem. Remember to use your targets in your PAL books to help you in your writing!

Use the photos of Eyjafjallajokull below.Remember to start with a topic sentence!…




If you click on the website below it’ll take you to a site on which there is a picture of a volcano with words on it. You can use these words to help you to start to write your description!

PicLit from PicLits.com

Yesterday in our writing we improved the nursery rhyme ‘Little Miss Muffet,’ as we did earlier in the week. Once again there was some great writing and effort by all. Here are the 3 writers of the week from that piece of writing!

Emma’s writing.

Isobel’s writing!

Harriet’s writing!